Cookie policy online store uses the so-called cookies. Cookies are used to ensure that you receive the most relevant information and the best experience. They help you get a personalized experience when using our services and provide you with more relevant content.

What are cookies

A cookie is a small file formed of letters and numbers. This file will be stored on your computer, mobile device or other equipment of a user ko e is used for internet access.

The cookie is installed through the request sent by the server of a web page to the browser (for example: Internet Explorer, Chrome) and is completely "passive" (does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and does not have access to information from the user's hardware). 

By using our website, you agree that t may store cookies on your computer or mobile device.

What cookies we use on our website

  • Mandatory cookies
    The main functionalities of our site largely depend on the cookies set by us. If you disable these cookies, you will not be able to log in from your account on our site, as well as make purchases and use other basic features of
  • Functional cookies
    These cookies are used to:
         - be able to remember what settings you have chosen, what favorite products you have specified, what delivery details you have specified when you last ordered and others.
        - to be able to recommend products that meet your preferences.
        - to collect and analyze the use of the site so that we can improve the user experience and make our site more convenient and easy to use.
  • Cookies from third parties for analytical purposes
    These cookies help to monitor the traffic to our site, which we need to analyze how convenient it is to use We use Google Analyticsfor this purpose . These cookies do not give us any information about your personal data. The information in them is anonymized. The purpose of these cookies is to be able to monitor the effectiveness of our service and improve them. The maximum period in which we store analytical data in Google Analytics is 38 months.
  • Third-party cookies for precise targeting and advertising purposes
    These cookies contain information about your user behavior on our site and can be used to personalize advertising campaigns through the platforms of external sites and services. This way you see information that is relevant to you. They do not store personal data and the information is anonymized. The external advertising platforms we use are: Social networks (Facebook, Twitter , Instagram ), Google , YouTube and other platforms.


Delete cookies

You can control the cookie settings you receive from our site in the browser you use. Please note that if you restrict cookies, you may not be able to use the full functionality of


Cookies and personal data

The personal data collected by cookies can only be used to perform specific functions on the site related to the user. Personal data is encrypted to prevent access by unauthorized persons and is not used in any way except for the purpose of providing the full functionality of the website and when using our services.

The technical information we collect on the basis of cookies does not constitute personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on personal data protection), as it is not sufficiently individualistic. Its use is necessary in order to operate the website, collect the necessary information, including required by law, ensure the security of users of the website, as well as to improve the services we provide.

Any future changes to our Cookie Policy will be posted on this page.


Security and confidentiality

Cookies are NOT viruses! They use plain text format. They are not made up of pieces of code, so they cannot be executed or run on their own. Therefore, they cannot be duplicated or copied to other networks to start or copy again.


Because they do not perform these functions, they cannot be considered viruses.

Cookies can still be used maliciously. Because they store information about preferences, as well as the user's browsing history, both on a particular site and on most other sites, cookies can be used as a form of Spyware. Many antispyware software are unaware of this fact and constantly indicate that cookies should be removed during the removal / scan / antivirus / antispyware software procedures.

Browsers typically have built-in privacy settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance, expiration date, and automatic deletion once a user has visited a site.

Other security aspects related to cookies

As the protection of personal data is extremely important and is the right of every Internet user, it is recommended to know the possible problems that cookies can create.


They send information continuously and in both directions between the browser and the website, and in the event that a hacker or other unauthorized person interferes during the sending of the data, then the information containing cookies can be intercepted.

In rare cases, this can happen if the browser connects to the server using an unencrypted network (for example, a wireless password-free network).

Another type of cookie-based attack requires incorrect cookie settings on the server. If a website does not require the browser to use only encrypted channels, hackers can use this vulnerability to trick browsers into sending information through unsecured channels. Hackers then use the information to gain unauthorized access to certain websites. It is very important to be careful when choosing the most appropriate protection of personal data.

Tips for safe and responsible browsing based on cookies

Due to their flexibility and the fact that most of the most visited and largest sites use cookies, the latter are almost inevitable. Disabling cookies will not allow the user to access the most common and used sites, including Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo and others.

Here are some tips that can ensure carefree surfing, but with the help of cookies


  • Customize your browser settings for cookies to create an appropriate level of protection against the use of cookies.
  • If you do not mind the use of cookies and you are the only person who uses the computer, you can set longer expiration dates for storing browsing history and access to personal data.
  • If you share access to your computer with someone, you can change your browser settings to delete personal browsing data each time you close the browser. This is an option to access sites that distribute cookies and to delete any type of information from a visit after closing the browsing session.


Make sure your browser is always up to date


Many cookie-based attacks are implemented when exploiting vulnerabilities in older and out-of-date versions of browsers.

Cookies are everywhere and cannot be avoided if you want to enjoy access to the best and largest websites - local and international. With a clear understanding of how they operate and the benefits they bring, you can take the necessary security measures so that you can surf the Internet with confidence.

Disabling or refusal to receive cookies , you can make some sites unusable. Also, opting out of cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive / view online ads.

It is possible to set the browser so that these cookies are no longer accepted, or you can set the browser to accept cookies only from certain sites. But, for example, if you are not registered to use cookies, you will not be able to leave comments.

All modern browsers offer the ability to change cookie settings. These settings are generally in your browser's "options" or "favorites" menu.