We are never afraid to be different and to fight for what we believe in. We are looking for the best natural ingredients from around the world to create nature-inspired cosmetics.

Today, our determination to help nature and people as we grow our business is stronger than ever. For us, this means working fairly with raw material producers and suppliers and helping communities grow through our Community Trade program.

We can do it together!



The first store of The Body Shop opens its doors.

Our first store opens on March 26 in Brighton, on the south coast of England. In 1978 our first franchise partner started operating in Brussels, and in 1982 we already opened 2 stores per month.


Save the Whales

In partnership with Greenpeace, our founder - Anita Roddick, launched the first major campaign of The Body Shop - Save the Whales.


The Community Trade Program

Our first product, produced under the Community Trade program, is a foot massager, and our first partner in this program is Teddy Exports - a supplier from South India. Thanks to this partnership in 1994. Teddy School was opened, which provides educational opportunities for local children.


Anita Roddick, OBE

Anita Roddick received the prestigious OBE (Order of the British Empire) award.


The Body Shop Foundation has been established

The Body Shop Foundation was founded to fund organizations that fight for human and animal rights or protect the environment.


Mango body oil

The first body oil - Mango, comes on the market. Body oil has become one of the most popular products of The Body Shop, which continues to win awards around the world.


Against Animal Testing campaign

Our campaign against animal cosmetics testing has collected four million signatures, which have been submitted to the European Commission. This is the biggest petition of its time and led to a ban on animal and cosmetic testing of cosmetics and ingredients in the UK in November 1998.


Humane Cosmetics Standard

The Body Shop is the first international cosmetics company to meet the requirements of the Humane Cosmetics standard, supported by leading international animal protection organizations.


We support renewable energy

The Body Shop, in partnership with Greenpeace, is running a campaign to promote the use of renewable energy.


"Stop Domestic Violence" Campaign

The "Stop Domestic Violence" campaign has been launched to raise funds for victims of domestic violence.


"Stop the sex trafficking of children and young people" campaign

The Body Shop and ECPAT International launch the campaign "Stop the sex trafficking of children and young people". It is causing changes on an unprecedented scale - more than 7 million signatures have been collected and 24 countries are committed to changing their legislation. The petition was submitted to the UN in 2012. and this became The Body Shop's biggest campaign.


Our first Values report

We publish our first Values report, which contains topics that are important to our customers. The report describes what we have achieved between January 2007 and December 2008, as well as the challenges we face.


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Body Shop receives the RSPCA Lifetime Achievement Award.


The Global Shea Alliance

The Body Shop участва в основаването на организацията Global Shea Alliance, чиято цел е да осигури по-добри условия за работа и живот на жените, които добиват и обработват масло от шеа.


Restart the "Against Animal Testing" campaign

We are launching the "Against Animal Testing" campaign again in partnership with Cruelty-Free International.


EU ban on the sale of cosmetic products and ingredients tested on animals

After 20 years of struggle, we are proud to impose a ban on the import and sale of cosmetic products and ingredients tested on animals. The Body Shop is recognized as an International Responsible Business by the prestigious organization Business in The Community. The new CEO of the company is Jeremy Schwartz. 


Business in The Community Award

The Body Shop was again awarded the International Responsible Business Award for the second year in a row.


Global Shea Alliance Award

We receive an award from the Global Shea Alliance for our ongoing efforts to build a sustainable shea industry.



We are launching the Bio-Bridges program in partnership with the World Land Trust with our first project in Vietnam, followed by projects in Indonesia and Malaysia. By building bio-bridges, we help regenerate forests and prevent them from deforestation and poaching. Bio-bridges are restored natural wildlife corridors that help endangered species to move, breed, and find food, as well as local communities to live more sustainably. Photo: Andrew Walmsley. 


Forever Against Animal Testing

In June 2017 we are launching our biggest campaign so far - Forever Against Animal Testing, which aims to stop testing cosmetics on animals everywhere and forever. We collected 8.3 million signatures from around the world and in October 2018 we submitted them to the UN. We know that change will take time, but we are working to achieve our goal.


Mission World Bio-bridges

In 2017 we are committed to the mission World Bio-bridges - we aim to protect some of the most endangered areas in the world by building 10 new bio-bridges by 2020.